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From: DM who is going (tense?) insane! (
Date: 01/25/94

>	Well, this is not a letter of love, but just to voice my opinion.
>I also believe that higher level characters should be commended for
>helping newbies in the game.  I believe that this adds to the enjoyment 
>of the game to newbies and to the overall image of the MUD.  What I have 
>done, as was mentioned in a different post, was to make group_gain level
>dependent.  I believe that is the better option as oposed to not allowing
>to group at all.  If anyone is interested in the code, just drop me a line
>and I'll send it to you.  Well, that is my two cents worth.

	I agree. On jedimud and most others..i tend to stop levelling myself
and try to help newbies as much as possible.  I dont think people should do
that, but a little mud helping is cool.

But heres my solution...

Instead of no grouping...or only hits...
the most xp you can get follows this formula 
(BEGINNING XP for next level-BEGINNING XP for currentLEVEL)/i

i set i to ten because i want it to be a fairly slow mud...

>>>>	BTW great this mailing list is a great idea =|)


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