From: DM who is going (tense?) insane! (ACCMCM@vaxc.hofstra.edu)
Date: 01/25/94

>        which is good... since a low level character who goes against a 30th
> level mobile will not be able to hit the mobile... thus very little exp (you
> get some when you watch... but not much). it's a decent system... and seems to
> work for the most part in the past.
>                                         -darren rion hall-
thats cool

mine has a max that you can get for the "group award it as follows
xp from the lowest of the level your at to the highest your at / 10 
(i re did it)

then you add the number of hits.

this basically says if your going to group with higher levels...you can level..
but slowly, but if you get in good hits youll level much faster.

On another note:

I seem to be able to addboards fine, (i look post messages, etc)
but it doesnt seem to be writing to the files.
what i mean is when i edit the files they're empty.
Also when I reboot: the messages disappear.

1st i tried it without doing anything to the files.
no luck.
then i tried touching the appropriate file names.
still no luck

then i figured...well maybe its trying to write to some where else.
so i made sure it was lib/boards/Board.whatever
still no luck....
any suggestions?

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