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From: Ludovic Chataigner (lchataig@ensem.u-nancy.fr)
Date: 01/29/94


I've tried to add a speaking routine to a mob that is loaded at the temple.
To do that, I looked the puff routine and copied it for my mob... The problem
is that sometimes, it works correctly, but sometimes it makes speaking the char
that are in the same room that the mob !?!?!? 

For example the mob must say : 'haven't I already seen you somewhere ?'
If corwyn is in the same room, I can sometimes see:
Corwyn says, 'haven't I already seen you somewhere ?'
But corwyn didn't type that !!!

I don't know what's happening, because that works perfectly for puff ...
Did somebody already have this problem before me ?
If yes, could you explain me what's wrong in what I'm doing... Thanks.

Another question: Will the alias be included in the circle3.0 ?

Ludo@Ensem Mud (relax.ensem.u-nancy.fr 4000)

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