Re: speaking routines

From: Jeff (
Date: 01/29/94

> 	Hi,
> I've tried to add a speaking routine to a mob that is loaded at the temple.
> To do that, I looked the puff routine and copied it for my mob... The problem
> is that sometimes, it works correctly, but sometimes it makes speaking the char
> that are in the same room that the mob !?!?!? 
> For example the mob must say : 'haven't I already seen you somewhere ?'
> If corwyn is in the same room, I can sometimes see:
> Corwyn says, 'haven't I already seen you somewhere ?'
> But corwyn didn't type that !!!
> I don't know what's happening, because that works perfectly for puff ...
> Did somebody already have this problem before me ?
> If yes, could you explain me what's wrong in what I'm doing... Thanks.

Make sure the beginning of your spec proc includes the statement:

	if (cmd)

I'm guessing that someone in the room is performing an action, and getting
caught inside the spec_proc.


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