Re: Please tell me this isn't true...

From: Simran R. Kumar (srk4@po.CWRU.Edu)
Date: 01/31/94

>Hmm...... alternatives to consider:
>1) Place a cap on the amount of exp that a PC can gain from a kill,
>     making the cap proportional to the PC's level,
>2) Stop giving mobs exp for killing PCs,
>3) Make it so a mob only gains as much exp from killing a PC
>     as the PC actually lost.
>Just some additional ideas to consider.  I am not saying that I
>would use all or any of them...  Just that they are worth thinking

Hmmm...well, first sorry to post this using my regular account, (mail to 
absolut is either really slow or something else is screwed)..

We may put a cap of 10 mil on xp gained in one hit.

We can't take dissalow mobs gaining xp cause if you buy a pet, and it kills
the mob that you are fighting, you dont get all the exp. Then you kill the
mob to get it, that's always been the way I've played and seen it, and I
kinda like that.

I suppose what I should do is not allow mobs to get exp from killing
chars... only from killing other mobs...that way you can still group them
and get the exp they gain by killing mobs for you...


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