Re: Please tell me this isn't true...

From: Jeff (
Date: 02/01/94

> Hmm...... alternatives to consider:
> 1) Place a cap on the amount of exp that a PC can gain from a kill,
>      making the cap proportional to the PC's level,
> 2) Stop giving mobs exp for killing PCs,
> 3) Make it so a mob only gains as much exp from killing a PC
>      as the PC actually lost.

In addition to these, I'd suggest the rewriting of experience lost from
fleeing.  We found that low level characters could attack high level
mobs and flee, gaining some experience. (Or something like this...
we're using v2.01)  I'd also suggest checking the recall spell, and deducting
experience if someone recalls from a fight.

On DisasterMud, we completely did away with all player killing/thieving
flags, and added a 6 level limit instead. (You can only attack/steal from
those within 6 levels of you.. and characters less than level 6 can not
attack or be attacked)

Has anyone had a problem where they recall from a fight and are still
considered to be in the fight? I've seen it happen on our MUD, granted
it's an older version, but I'm wondering if it's something we've done.


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