Re: HELP!! *sigh*

From: Jeff (
Date: 02/02/94

> Well I have been in the process of adding areas and so forth
> to the Mud.  I get the mud up and running, the only problem
> is now when a wiz types "where <mob>" or "vnum ...", I get a 
> core dump and the game comes crashing down.  Any ideas?  

Look for mobiles that are missing a description or keyword. Empty lists
(names that are blank) tend to cause problems.

> Second of all, is there a way I can look at a core dump
> and get some idea as to what is causing it?  A core dump
> alone really tells me nothing.  

My suggestion is to get a copy of dbx. Once you have dbx, you can 
type dbx bin/circle lib/core, and at the dbx prompt type "where."

This will tell you where the mud crashed. (Often down to the exact line
number) I think gdb also works similarly. Check hacker.doc for more


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