Still same

From: Michael B. Gilliam (
Date: 02/03/94

Over the past few days I have been mentioning the problem I am
having with the mud.  I have taken all advice, tried many different
things, all with the same results.  I went out and get the orignal 
soure code, compiled it, add my new areas, and anything that has
to do with a name, be it a player or a MOB, crashes the mud. 

Would anyone have an idea what might be hapening??  The only 
strange thing that happens is when I bring the mud up, I get
a single "invalid vnum in zone reset cmd: zone #99, cmd 5...command disabled."
However, the mobile that cmd 5 in zone #99 is still executed.  The MOB is 
created in the right room, with the equipment loaded on him in the right
place.  I am not sure that could have any significance, but that is the 
only difference that has occured from when I had everything working beore
I added the areas, and what happens now.  If that is not my problem, what
else could be resonsible for crahsing the mud so often?  Tells, vstat, where,
goto, trans, stat all crash the mud, and not just sometimes, but everytime.
I really hope someone has some ideas as to what might be wrong.

--Thanks in advance


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