Re: Still same
Date: 02/03/94

> Tells, vstat, where,
> goto, trans, stat all crash the mud, and not just sometimes, but everytime.
> I really hope someone has some ideas as to what might be wrong.

All of these commands have something in common: they perform search
operations on the names of mobiles.  (I'd guess that "goto 0" would not
crash the mud, while "goto fido" would.)  I really think you have a
corrupted mobile in your new area, or a command in the zone reset table
which references a non-existant mobile or object.

You mentioned that the mud gave a 'command disabled' diagnostic but you
seem to be ignoring it.  MANUALLY check the zone file in the trouble area
to make sure the commands are correct, or even better, just comment all
commands for that mobile out.

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