From: DM who is going (tense?) insane! (ACCMCM@vaxc.hofstra.edu)
Date: 02/03/94

>Hi there all...... I have found a wondrous tool called dikued, which I am 
>sure all of you experienced sysops/imps/and minor/major gods out there 
>are familiar.  Unfortunately, It doesn't like circle too much..... does 
>anyone have a modified version, another similar utility, or the method of 
>their choice that they would be willing to share with someone too poor in 
>his C-programming abilities to modify what I can already find????  I 
>would be forever in your debt........  Thanks muchly for any and all 


seems to work fine for me.
1.  make sure you edit the .def files 

2.  when you CREATE new files, make sure you
have this at the bottom 

my question is...
when creating exits to other zones, it says room not found.

so i assume the rooms are found if they are loaded..
so how do you do exits to other zones...?

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