Re: Creating new rooms. mobiles, etc.

From: VampLestat (
Date: 02/03/94

On Thu, 3 Feb 1994, SPACE CADET wrote:

> Hi there all...... I have found a wondrous tool called dikued, which I am 
> sure all of you experienced sysops/imps/and minor/major gods out there 
> are familiar.  Unfortunately, It doesn't like circle too much.....

In what way?  Have you set the .def files that come with it for the 
specific flages used in your circle database?  Check to make sure these 
files are formatted correctly.  The documentation on em comes with dikued.

> does 
> anyone have a modified version, another similar utility, or the method of 
> their choice that they would be willing to share with someone too poor in 
> his C-programming abilities to modify what I can already find????  I 
> would be forever in your debt........

My def files wouldnt do you much good, as they have been configured for 
unique flags I've made for the mud I'm working on.

Basically, read the dikued docs and check your .def files.

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