im really frustrated.

From: Sagar (
Date: 02/09/94

I am really frustrated.

Im trying to add new functions to the mud...a few days ago it worked fine

i add the function in the right file (in this case act.wizard.c)

the thing compiles fine.

then i put in ACMD(do_newbie) in interpreterc.c
and the appropriate command in the command list
and the appropriate commando line

but when i run the newbie function *it was do_newbie, a 31 function*

the only thing i changed recently is the max_cmd_list in interpreter.h i
changed it to 800, ot leave room for lots of commands.

then i figured this might be a problem so i changed it back to 350...
still no function...hell i cant even add a social...
but yet two days ago...before i did the change in the interepreter.h
i added a do_experience, and a do_gold functions...

ANY clue???

A very confused IMP

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