From: Sagar (ACCMCM@vaxc.hofstra.edu)
Date: 02/09/94

I apologize for my previous question....

AMAZING what a missing comma can do.

now im having a problem with a newbie function...very basic...soe far gives
same equip to every newbie...

this ia it:

   struct descriptor_data *i;
   struct char_data *victim;
   struct obj_data *obj1, *obj2, *obj3, *obj4, *obj5;
   int number, r_num;

      send_to_char("Monsters cant help newbies!\n\r", ch);

   one_argument(argument, buf);
   if (!*buf)
      send_to_char("Who would you like to newbie?\n\r", ch);
   else if (str_cmp("all", buf)) {

      if (!(victim = get_char_vis(ch, buf)))
          send_to_char("You cant find that person!\n\r", ch);
      else if (victim == ch)
          send_to_char("You're just a LITTLE to high to be newbied!\n\r", ch);
      else {
       if (GET_LEVEL(victim) > 4) {
          send_to_char("That victim is too experienced to newbie!\n\r", ch);

       obj1 = read_object(3104, VIRTUAL);
       obj2 = read_object(7090, VIRTUAL);
       obj3 = read_object(3042, VIRTUAL);
       obj4 = read_object(7202, VIRTUAL);
       obj5 = read_object(3032, VIRTUAL);
       obj_to_char(obj1, victim);
       obj_to_char(obj2, victim); 
       obj_to_char(obj2, victim);
       obj_to_char(obj2, victim);
       obj_to_char(obj3, victim);
       obj_to_char(obj4, victim);
       obj_to_char(obj5, victim);
       send_to_char("Done.\n\r", ch);
       send_to_char("You have been equipped by the gods!\n\r", victim);

it seems to work fine...
i type newbie calamus, or newbie whoever and i get "you have been equipped by
thr gods"

but i type i, to make sure it put it into inventory....and it lagged
unbelievable....basically put mud into loop...caue both chars on different
computers got endless lag...

then only way to get rid of it to reboot the mud by killing bin/circle.

any ideas?

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