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From: Sagar (ACCMCM@vaxc.hofstra.edu)
Date: 02/09/94

im assumeing you add them to the obj1.c or obj2.c
and search around...

dont forget structs.h
since thats where all the original flags are located.

	I need some help. I am completly lost with
regards as to adding flags to obj. I can't seem to even
find where to add to the code to add flags on. I would
be very gratefull for anyone who could tell me WHERE I 
should look to add to the code. I am pretty sure I know
what to do, I just can't find it ;(. 
	What I want to do is to add on 5 flags to obj.
and limit some of them to particular classes. I would be
more than happy to share them once done, as I think it 
might be something that other people might want too.
	Again, any help is much appreciated. Thanks..

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