World Files revisited yet again
Date: 02/10/94

My purpose in sending the original world file announcement a day or two ago
was to inform everyone that Danny Baker was now in charge of the CircleMUD
world files for the 3.0 release.  Any opinions on changes to the content of
Circle 3.0's world files (i.e., areas which should be added or removed,
balance problems with existing areas, typos, incorrect flags, bad rent values,
etc.) should be send directly to Danny Baker.  His address is

Please don't send such suggestions to me.  Send them directly to him.
Note, of course, that suggestions for _code_ should continue to come to
me.  Only advice on changes to the CONTENT of the area files should go
to Danny Baker.

I hope this is clear because I really don't want to post about it yet
again... :)


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