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From: Derkhil CatSpawn (
Date: 02/10/94

| The only thing that I would suggest is that the Miden' nir, or whatever 
| that big goblin mess south of the city dump, should be moved to another 
| place to keep newbies from wandering into it, and perhaps some other EASY 

Done that ;)  I was sone of the ppl that complained about it's odd 
placement earlier - it's now across a bridge south of the Light Forest,
and it's been modified to a lower lev area.

| area.  I was thinking about maybe a practice arena, or some such other 
| thing where newbies could feel at home and learn how to play the mud 
| before going out into the rest of the mud and getting their posteriors 
| smeared all over the ground.

IMO my moded light forest fits this, while still remaining within genre (I'm
a genre nut - so sue me ;) and without seeming too 'contrived'.  Call me old
fashioned, but I think that newbies learn best by encountering areas closer
to what they'll have to later - otherwise when they "grow up" they may still
expect the ease of these 'arenas' or mud-schools *shiver*. I'm against 
'killing fields' in general (the nursery and farm in shire...heck, ALL of the
Shire, really..) and my mods to existing areas will reflect that.  The moded
light forest isn't a breeze, but is a bit beefy on the exp side.  There is
food and water easily available, as well as some cash and equip (barrel,
lantern, cudgel, and I *think* there is something in the lake...). The area
rewards those that actually read the room descripts and attempt the interact
with the world it describes.  A modified Dark Forest will be added soon, 
which will be more low-level friendly - in fact, the whole west side of the
world will be practically dedicated to the below 12th lev characters.  I'll
try and toss together a GIF or JPEG (any preferred format?) map showing
what I've got in mind tomorrow or Friday and I'll post it here.  This new
world will *not* be finished by the 15th to be in with 3.0, but there will
be mods in the 3.0 world, so never fear.  I'll post more about both of these
later tonight...


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