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Date: 02/14/94

| The shire IMHO, could be made into a newbie area.  If the exp for the 'big
| mobs' was reduced some, it could go further into being a newbie to low (about
| level 12) level area.  Most of the mobs (except for the Keeper) are not too
| bad for a group of low levelers, and a reduced exp would reduce the number
| of people 'tearing though' on a exp run.  The shire with a few changes (btw,
| glad the day-care is gone =)  ) is a decent newbie area.  It just seems too
| small to be toughened up. One thing I would do is make the Thain & shiriffs
| (what a bad pun) wander and give them the cityguard spec_proc.  That might
| make the area a bit tougher, but if the stats are toned down, it could be
| more realistic rather than a killing field.

Adding the existing spec_procs whenever "appropriate" is something I've had
in mind and done for other muds in the past.  The wandering idea sounds 
pretty good - too bad there isn't a 'F'ollow .zon command in Circle code.
This was something I had suggested when I designed for Wiley II (Silly
deriv, sorta), which it turned out they'd already come up with.  It would
allow mobs to travel in packs or groups by causing those mobs loaded with
the 'F' command to be automatically set to SENTINEL (if not already) and
cause them to be 'Following' the mob that was loaded before most recently
before it with the 'M' command (ie, no 'F's would follow other 'F's - it
wouldn't be a mob-train so much as a mob group like PCs form).  With this
the Thain and a couple of bodyguards (all with the guard proc) could wander
together (making them a more... well, _thought provoking_ target to a PC
or group), as could shiriff "patrols" of 2 or more of the tough little 
guys.  The 'F' mob-load-and-follow .zon command would have other potential
too ;)

| My first mud was Jedi, and although it got rather unbalanced, it does have
| some good newbie areas (Castle Mistamere is one of the better newbie areas
| I've seen).  I'll try to see if I can get a copy to you (even if I have to
| capture log it and vnum and vstat the whole thing.)  It is very balanced
| and groups of newbies can explore and discover w/out the threat of aggs.

Hmm.. I'mnot familiar with this one either, though it does sound intriguing.
If you could get me a copy then I'll give it a look-see and consider using
it :)

| : | Things I'd like to see ...
| : |
| : | the gytheryanki (sp?) area from Merc.  If it got a realistic enterance, I
| : | think an astral area could be really cool and serve as a good jump point
| : | to other areas on other planes.
| :
| : Not familiar with the gytheryanki area (I've heard of it from my roommate
| : when he played...augh, it was a Diku in Austria, I think... didn't it
| : replace Redferne's, or have something to do with it?
| You got to it using the chain, yes.  I only played a MERC a time or two and
| didn't get to explore too much.  From what I saw of it, this area was decent.
| : | The High Tower - the two zone one.  remove the pizza and modern stuff and
| : | balanace it out a bit and it could be a good area.
| :
| : Yikes...a debuggers nightmare!! I've tried it though, and I'm not sure
| : I got all the bugs;  I'm also not sure where I put it.  I seem to
| : remember having some inexplicable door problems.  It does seem to be
| : an area with alot of potential, but it is *SO* buggy (and Edgar has
| : gotta go, too ;) that I doubt it's all "clean".  Anybody have a
| : guaranteed bug free THS I could use?  I'll look for my version...
| A Two zone version?  I have no idea which one I found, but mine is very
| buggy as well.  Nasty desc too. It is a good area though, if you can get it
| to run, but many of the hp/level/etc are way off.  Esp the master's appren.

They've all got Silly-code style stats - hp are done in the good ol' 
fashioned AD&D manner of 'xd8+y', which isn't appropriate to most muds
and certainly not right for Circle.

| I think that if you were able to find New Thalos, it would do well as an
| area.  Some of the mobs need tweaking, but it can serve as an alternative
| Hometown to Midgaard (which is what it looks like the ill fated New Sparta
| was for <ick>)

I found it, though it's going to have to be 'de-MERCed' as the file format
is not readily used with Circle code.


- Danny

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