Re: World files (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 02/14/94

> Got them.. will work through them as soon as I can.  I'll have to look
> over the MERC file format a bit more and see about changing my file 
> converter to deal with it (or is there already such a beast available?)

The Merc file format is just like Circle's except that all of the files
are combined into one. (With the exception of their spec_proc "language")
There's also no "#99999\n$~" at the end of each part.
> when I read about that "mob programming language" the other day I nearly
> had to change my shorts! ;)  I'd kill to be able to work with such a thing
> (hint, hint, Jeremy ;) as it could add so much depth to the game... if 
> others actually overlooked what could be done with it I'll have to keep
> my low opinion of humans *grin*

In my opinion, their "language" is far too ugly.  I find it to be a lot
easier if you allow mobiles to have skills, and then modify mobact to
allow the monsters to use those skills.  We've got mobiles that cast spells,
stand up when bashed, breathe fire, hunt, etc without the use of any
special procedures.  I think this is a lot more powerful than the language
Merc uses.  (Especially when they need code for each type of dragon
breath, then a new one each time they want a dragon to have two different
types of breath... etc)

> Edgar is only a cheesy mob in my version.. I hate keeping the same maze
> set up in "common" areas... I've got a nice 'node' system for devising
> tricky mazes with only one "real" way through, so Edgar is just so much
> cutsie MOB.

Here's an example of when you need a spec_proc... get him to ask players
for bread and water... and maybe even a recall. ;)


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