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From: Derkhil CatSpawn (
Date: 02/14/94

| Let you in on something, Alander got fed up with ROM2 and made the damn
| thing publically domain via ftp   BOOM every area they
| have is now public access!  Might be worth taking a look.  Only problem

Got them.. will work through them as soon as I can.  I'll have to look
over the MERC file format a bit more and see about changing my file 
converter to deal with it (or is there already such a beast available?)
before I can use any of these areas.  As a side note, I'll be *extremely*
disappointed if very few of these .are's have the mob-actions in them -
when I read about that "mob programming language" the other day I nearly
had to change my shorts! ;)  I'd kill to be able to work with such a thing
(hint, hint, Jeremy ;) as it could add so much depth to the game... if 
others actually overlooked what could be done with it I'll have to keep
my low opinion of humans *grin*
| is, Alander tarred up the entire player directory with everything else
| so you need a bunch of time and drivespace to unpack it all, once you do 
| that though, just rm -rf the players directory since you wont need it 
| hogging up disk space.

Thanks to Jeremy for cleaning this up alot and providing a new site.

| First of all, Edgar is more than just a cheesy mob, he's also a landmark!!!
| Seriously, think about it, a sentinel mob in the middle of a maze....
| Just go north until there is an exit south, go south until you get to
| Edgar then go west, south, north and BOOM, done with the maze!

Edgar is only a cheesy mob in my version.. I hate keeping the same maze
set up in "common" areas... I've got a nice 'node' system for devising
tricky mazes with only one "real" way through, so Edgar is just so much
cutsie MOB.

| flee from the Charmer unless they understand the problem.   I've used this
| to simulate doors shutting behind players, it's easy enough to avoid, if
| you understand how it works, but it'll usually catch players the first time.

I've used it before, but I don't think I ever "explained" it like that - nice
excuse to cover for it though :) 

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