Re: World files (fwd)

From: Eric Pilcher (rasta@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: 02/14/94

> | Things I'd like to see ...
> | 
> | the gytheryanki (sp?) area from Merc.  If it got a realistic enterance, I 
> | think an astral area could be really cool and serve as a good jump point 
> | to other areas on other planes.
> Not familiar with the gytheryanki area (I've heard of it from my roommate
> when he played...augh, it was a Diku in Austria, I think... didn't it
> replace Redferne's, or have something to do with it?

Let you in on something, Alander got fed up with ROM2 and made the damn
thing publically domain via ftp   BOOM every area they
have is now public access!  Might be worth taking a look.  Only problem
is, Alander tarred up the entire player directory with everything else
so you need a bunch of time and drivespace to unpack it all, once you do 
that though, just rm -rf the players directory since you wont need it 
hogging up disk space.

> | The High Tower - the two zone one.  remove the pizza and modern stuff and 
> | balanace it out a bit and it could be a good area.
> Yikes...a debuggers nightmare!! I've tried it though, and I'm not sure
> I got all the bugs;  I'm also not sure where I put it.  I seem to 
> remember having some inexplicable door problems.  It does seem to be
> an area with alot of potential, but it is *SO* buggy (and Edgar has
> gotta go, too ;) that I doubt it's all "clean".  Anybody have a 
> guaranteed bug free THS I could use?  I'll look for my version...

We put ours trough the back of the green dragon's cave.  A couple notes
about it...

First of all, Edgar is more than just a cheesy mob, he's also a landmark!!!
Seriously, think about it, a sentinel mob in the middle of a maze....
Just go north until there is an exit south, go south until you get to
Edgar then go west, south, north and BOOM, done with the maze!

Second of all, I know of one bugged door which actually becomes quite
nasty!   Door to the Master Charmer only loads closed on the inside of
the room.  When the player arrives, the door is open from the hallway, so
they just wander on in, but the door is shut from the inside, so they cannot
flee from the Charmer unless they understand the problem.   I've used this
to simulate doors shutting behind players, it's easy enough to avoid, if
you understand how it works, but it'll usually catch players the first time.


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