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Date: 02/14/94

On Sat, 12 Feb 1994, Derkhil CatSpawn wrote:

> 12:God Rooms
> *Heh...may lose 'the Fractal Orgy Chamber' and related objects - hate to
>  offend anyone... any thoughts/opinions on this?

Nuke it.  I did.

> 30:Northern Midgaard Main City

Keep it mainly the same, though I tossed the water guy, taco guy and the 
pet store.

> 31:Southern part of Midgaard

Generally a rather useless area.  Might be nicer if it had a purpose, or 
atleast a bit more adventure.  Might make a good newbie area with a bit 
of work.

> 40:Moria, levels 1-2
> 41:Moria, levels 3-4
> *Lotsa typos, some descripts need reworking; new names for some objs and
>  mobs. Some stat mods.  Move area, new 'entrance' area (hills).

Indeed.  Might also look for the additions for Moria Levels 5+ with the 
Hydra's and all that... dont know if they are public though.

> 50:The Great Eastern Desert
> *Make a few cosmetic changes; make a couple of "security" changes to the
>  Brass dragon - too easy to get ALOT of money here if I remember 
>  correctly.

I recall there was a cool pyramid area out there as well, that might fit 
in.  Anyone have a copy of this area, or know where I might find one?

> 69:Quifael-Custom-Rooms
> *Keep objects and mobs from loading here ('cept Death ;) and move Isha
>  to the Dark Forest (eventually she'll be in a high lev Eastern Forest).
>  Rework some of Isha's items.

I'm turning Quif's place into a really small, but VERY high level zone,
a la Redferne's place at Fajita DIKU.

> 70:Sewer                      |
> 71:Second Sewer               |
> 72:Sewer Maze                 |
> 74:The Tunnels in the Sewer   V

Making these a bit more cohesive might be nice, so that its not sea hags 
in one room and a dragon in the next.  Expanding each area a bit so that 
there is more of a "community" of mobs, rather than a single room might 
be nice.

> 120:Rome
> *Balance items to difficulty, move it (too close to Midgaard IMO)

I actually nuked this one as well.  Not that its so horribly written, but 
that a Roman area just doesnt really fit in the medieval flavor of DIKU, 
particularly with the Norse gods.

> 150:King's Castle
> *Rename Guards, move it, make sure the brown potion bug is fixed.

Might just rename some of the guards to generic names as well, like 
"King's Guard" rather than "Tim".  The only thing to be careful of when 
you do this is to make sure the procs attached to each mob also get 
adjusted.  Some mobs look to see if others exist (by name) in the room 
before acting.

> 210:New Sparta
> *Axe it, totally.  Maybe make it optional or just include but not 
>  connect it JIC someone wants to use it...

I'd say axe it, or atleast from the index list that it parses to see 
which zones to load.  If its actually loaded, then people can "teleport" 
into it at random.  The files could be left in, but just dont load it.

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