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Date: 02/12/94

  Here is a "profile" of all the existing Circle areas, including what
I may/plan to do to them.  I'll post an overview of added areas later
from home.  If ppl will post/mail to me their opinions/impressions
about this stuff I'd appreciate it...
  A few notes - most of the actually new areas aren't going to make
the first Circ 3.0 release, but should make the 3.0a or somesuch
release.  This also includes all area 'moves' except the Miden'Nir
  Here goes :

12:God Rooms
*Heh...may lose 'the Fractal Orgy Chamber' and related objects - hate to
 offend anyone... any thoughts/opinions on this?
30:Northern Midgaard Main City
31:Southern part of Midgaard
32:River of Midgaard
33:Buildings in Midgaard
*What Buildings ;)
*No changes here...just an 'explorable'/atmosphere area IMO.
*Move to south of the Light Forest, across a bridge there.  Change most
 wyverns to vultures, make one new wyvern holding a corpse with some
 nifty low-level magic armor.  Lower Goblin stats a bit, flesh out
 many descripts.  Connect to a couple of 'new' areas.
40:Moria, levels 1-2
41:Moria, levels 3-4
*Lotsa typos, some descripts need reworking; new names for some objs and
 mobs. Some stat mods.  Move area, new 'entrance' area (hills).
50:The Great Eastern Desert
*Make a few cosmetic changes; make a couple of "security" changes to the
 Brass dragon - too easy to get ALOT of money here if I remember 
51:Drow City
*Rework Lich - stats, etc...
*Balance some items and mobs.  May work on descripts (the area seems too
 'bare-bones' in my opinion).  May add 'Drow Scouts' near drow entrance,
 as well as having spiders and driders wandering the city (not terribly
 high level (comparitively) but still better than just allowing PCs to 
 just wander the area offing stationary high-lev mobs, resting right 
 outside their doors without fear of recourse...
52:The City of Thalos
*Work over Lamia exp/balance.  Fix screwy connectors.  Modify some
 descripts (stone golem, lamia).  May add roaming lamia guard parties
 to the desert...
60:Haon-Dor (Light)
*Make sure my version/mod of this is the most up-to-date, check for
61:Haon-Dor (Dark)
*Got a new version (new map) planned for this.  Move green dragon to 
 Eastern Forest filler (new, in the works, not in 3.0) and replace
 with more level-appropriate critters.
*Balance gold/exp/stats.  Add some 'web' items, touch-up the potions
 there a bit.  Work-over the high lev stuff and their items; change
 Ki-Rin to giagantic dragonfly (new items).  Fix some descripts.
 Make sure the DT is harder to just 'walk into'. Move area.
65:The Dwarven Kingdom
*Rework descripts, balance exp and gold, etc. Remove dead-weight quest
 rooms/mobs/objs/zon stuff.
*Keep objects and mobs from loading here ('cept Death ;) and move Isha
 to the Dark Forest (eventually she'll be in a high lev Eastern Forest).
 Rework some of Isha's items.
70:Sewer                      |
71:Second Sewer               |
72:Sewer Maze                 |
74:The Tunnels in the Sewer   V
*Plenty of typos here of all sorts - I'll work on those as I and my
 filter and 'spell' find them.  Adding a 'cover' to the entrance to the
 sewers from the dump(lockable; the beggar has the key).  Reworked a few
 of the 'item areas', such as the rats/silver rings, mindflayer/purple
 cloak, etc.  Fix exp on the mudmonsters.  Perhaps change those rats to
 'Rattons' (rat like humanoid critters based on Andre Norton's mutated
 rats in 'Breed to Come').
79:Redferne's Residence
*Perhaps keep the Paladin around, but clear out Redferne's
 of 'God Treasures' or just leave the cloud and the door and
 remove the other bits (maybe leace the balcony).
*Balance items to difficulty, move it (too close to Midgaard IMO)
150:King's Castle
*Rename Guards, move it, make sure the brown potion bug is fixed.
210:New Sparta
*Axe it, totally.  Maybe make it optional or just include but not 
 connect it JIC someone wants to use it...

- Danny

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