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Date: 02/12/94

| > Anybody have any problems with the shire becoming a "real" newbie area
| > (as opposed to a seriously un-balanced area that ANYBODY can be happy
| > killing away in) ?
| I've never really liked the area much.  Not only is it totally 
| unbalanced, but I also dont think you should have multiple copies of the 
| "one ring" running about.  :)

I agree there, but as far as I know there isn't any provision for truely
"limited" items in Circle 3.0...

| > newbies, or boost things to make it a 9th+ area.  Any preferrences/
| > comments on the Shire?
| MAYBE if it was further into the forest and not right outside an exising 
| city (Midgaard), and if it didnt have mobs that obviously corresponded to 
| named characters in the books.  Maybe with the same look and feel, just 
| not the same actual names, like "the Shire".

Sounds good - I may rework a few names, or at least boil them down to 
just the "concepts" of the characters...  The place I've got in mind for
a 'newbied' (lev 3-7 or so, though not sure what to do about the Keeper
and other item-leaden mobs - could keep them as high lev, or rework
the items to something more suited to a tough mob for that level range) is
more to the north and west than the current entrance, off of the northern
part of the light forest expansion - I'll be removing the 'maze' there,
too, if it's a "legit" low-lev area.

| > More in a little bit... gonna post the basic area list I'm going to
| > draw from, along with possible changes, ideas, etc, so I can get a
| > response from those who will likely be using these tiny*s :)
| Sounds good.  A few area's I've taken and reworked for Circle 2.20 were:
| The Mahntor      - requires implementation of multiple attacks though

Never heard of this one... what's it about/like?

| The Chessboard   - nuked all but the actual board and chess mobs, and it 
|                    looks alot better. works as a great newbie area under the 
|                    wiz basement if you give em gold.

*nod* I'm still more oriented towards levels that require the same amount
of thought and attention that a higher level area would, in order to
better familiarize a *true* newbie to how the game works.  Simply 
providing a 'kill zone' in order to help them level might as well be
replaced by letting new chars start at level 3 or 5 - there are very
few 'good' newbie areas IMO - most are simply exp gaining kill zones that
take for granted that playing a Diku can be a challenge and thrill at
ALL levels - not just at the higher levels. 

-- ** Memory Lane Alert ** ... skip this to reduce boredom ;)

(Yes, this is something I'm very opinionated about first experiences
- my very first mud experience was on CopperDiku, in Arachnos and
then the light forest: other low-level characters told me how to do
the basic stuff, bought me some bread and a bag and some cups of water,
and then we went and killed those things that 6-7 newbies can kill, got
2nd level and some gold, and I loved it! (at least after I figured out
exactly *why* they did these things :)  I learned by doing rather than
by being spoon-feed exp points... I got "real" experience AND exp, albeit

| Things I'd like to see ...
| the gytheryanki (sp?) area from Merc.  If it got a realistic enterance, I 
| think an astral area could be really cool and serve as a good jump point 
| to other areas on other planes.

Not familiar with the gytheryanki area (I've heard of it from my roommate
when he played...augh, it was a Diku in Austria, I think... didn't it
replace Redferne's, or have something to do with it?

| The High Tower - the two zone one.  remove the pizza and modern stuff and 
| balanace it out a bit and it could be a good area.

Yikes...a debuggers nightmare!! I've tried it though, and I'm not sure
I got all the bugs;  I'm also not sure where I put it.  I seem to 
remember having some inexplicable door problems.  It does seem to be
an area with alot of potential, but it is *SO* buggy (and Edgar has
gotta go, too ;) that I doubt it's all "clean".  Anybody have a 
guaranteed bug free THS I could use?  I'll look for my version...

- Danny

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