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Date: 02/14/94

> > 30:Northern Midgaard Main City
> Well, this is a matter of personal flavor, but I tend to try and keep a
> constant medeival theme.  ATMs will still work if you make them type
> CONTAINER.  So now everywhere I want an ATM I have a locked Wall Safe
> (pickable by a thief, of course) in which I may load other objects.
> Adds a little depth to the game for thieves as they can work on cracking 
> safes instead of heads for a while.

What exactly did you put in the safes for the thieves?  I can forsee 
players whipping up some basic thief characters to pick the safes again 
and again until they succeed.

> > 33:Buildings in Midgaard
> > *What Buildings ;)
> Axe Quiffy and Papi's houses.

Actually I am turnign Quiffy's place into a very high leve zone.  Small 
but very dangerous.

> > 69:Quifael-Custom-Rooms
> > *Keep objects and mobs from loading here ('cept Death ;) and move Isha
> >  to the Dark Forest (eventually she'll be in a high lev Eastern Forest).
> >  Rework some of Isha's items.
> Yeah, I moved Isha to zone 61.

Where in zone 61?  She just seems so out of place anywhere but in the 
drow city or some new drow populated area.

> > 79:Redferne's Residence
> > *Perhaps keep the Paladin around, but clear out Redferne's
> >  of 'God Treasures' or just leave the cloud and the door and
> >  remove the other bits (maybe leace the balcony).
> I nuked the whole thing except the paladin who started working out and will
> guard the training ground, disallowing high level players from entering.

I've re-worked this so is a very high level zone, a la Redferne's palace 
at Fajita DIKU

> > 120:Rome
> > *Balance items to difficulty, move it (too close to Midgaard IMO)
> Onivel originally recommended this to be connected west of the eastern
> deserta couple rooms south from the landing point from the tunnel.  This
> spot seems to work fairly well.

I'd recommend nuking it.  Totally out of place in diku I think.

> on between Chris and Sara).  Nonetheless, Mahn-Tor is very well written,
> consists of a dark forest with a swamp maze, ogre village, portal leading
> to an arctic wasteland maze, and eventually a minotaur stronghold.
> Whole thing is less than 100 rooms and runs from the north to the south.
> I can probably send you Kallisti specs on it, but I don't have the original
> list of requested specs.

I'd agree, the mahntor are was really well written.  It would take a bit 
to balance it out for Circle (no multiple attacks and things like that), 
but its worth it.  I have the orignial list of what specs and affects 
should go with each mob/obj as well if you need it.  Just email me.

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