Circ Areas... (fwd)

From: Eric Pilcher (rasta@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: 02/14/94

> 12:God Rooms
> *Heh...may lose 'the Fractal Orgy Chamber' and related objects - hate to
>  offend anyone... any thoughts/opinions on this?

This is the second thing I did, first was removing New Sparta.

> 30:Northern Midgaard Main City

Well, this is a matter of personal flavor, but I tend to try and keep a
constant medeival theme.  ATMs will still work if you make them type
CONTAINER.  So now everywhere I want an ATM I have a locked Wall Safe
(pickable by a thief, of course) in which I may load other objects.
Adds a little depth to the game for thieves as they can work on cracking 
safes instead of heads for a while.

> 33:Buildings in Midgaard
> *What Buildings ;)

Axe Quiffy and Papi's houses.

> 35:Miden'Nir
> *Move to south of the Light Forest, across a bridge there.  Change most
>  wyverns to vultures, make one new wyvern holding a corpse with some
>  nifty low-level magic armor.  Lower Goblin stats a bit, flesh out
>  many descripts.  Connect to a couple of 'new' areas.

I made crude spears for the gobos to wield and also created a corpse
at carnage, picked clean of everything except a pair of travel worn boots
(which happen to conceal a rather nice ring for newbies).

> 51:Drow City

loaded more goblin slaves with the last one in the pet shop ;)

> 69:Quifael-Custom-Rooms
> *Keep objects and mobs from loading here ('cept Death ;) and move Isha
>  to the Dark Forest (eventually she'll be in a high lev Eastern Forest).
>  Rework some of Isha's items.

Yeah, I moved Isha to zone 61.

> 79:Redferne's Residence
> *Perhaps keep the Paladin around, but clear out Redferne's
>  of 'God Treasures' or just leave the cloud and the door and
>  remove the other bits (maybe leace the balcony).

I nuked the whole thing except the paladin who started working out and will
guard the training ground, disallowing high level players from entering.

> 120:Rome
> *Balance items to difficulty, move it (too close to Midgaard IMO)

Onivel originally recommended this to be connected west of the eastern
deserta couple rooms south from the landing point from the tunnel.  This
spot seems to work fairly well.

I have a lot of areas to play with yet, (only about 1/3 of my current
ones are converted over the way I want them).  Anyway, if I come up
with any things you might want to consider, I'll post them.

There are quite a few public domain areas out there that you might consider
grabing if you can find them.   Shire comes to mind, also Mahn-Tor.
I'm not using the Shire in the future (heard smoething about the Tolkein
estate not wishing for any of his works to be referenced in muds).  However,
I'm currently working on getting Mahn-Tor ready (my version is for a 50 level
player system with 100 mob levels).  My flags won't exactly match stock
circle, but you are still welcome to a copy.  

Mahn-Tor was written by Chris Boggs (aka Skurge) for Apocalypse II and
later made public domain after a fall out he had with the implementors
there (if you read you've probably at some point
gotten annoyed with the on-going childish flamewars that still rage
on between Chris and Sara).  Nonetheless, Mahn-Tor is very well written,
consists of a dark forest with a swamp maze, ogre village, portal leading
to an arctic wasteland maze, and eventually a minotaur stronghold.
Whole thing is less than 100 rooms and runs from the north to the south.
I can probably send you Kallisti specs on it, but I don't have the original
list of requested specs.

Anyway, thats enough babble for now.


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