Re: Circ Areas... (fwd)

From: Eric Pilcher (rasta@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: 02/14/94

> > 
> > Well, this is a matter of personal flavor, but I tend to try and keep a
> > constant medeival theme.  ATMs will still work if you make them type
> > CONTAINER.  So now everywhere I want an ATM I have a locked Wall Safe
> > (pickable by a thief, of course) in which I may load other objects.
> > Adds a little depth to the game for thieves as they can work on cracking 
> > safes instead of heads for a while.
> What exactly did you put in the safes for the thieves?  I can forsee 
> players whipping up some basic thief characters to pick the safes again 
> and again until they succeed.

I've forseen this as well, the Safes (ATM) only load once, and similarly so
does it's contents.  In addition I wanted them to be of use only to newbies
since it would be so obvious a puzzle, so no more than 1000 coins at absolute
most, maybe a couple potions of cure light or something.  Like I say, these
would only load once so I doubt players would waste time creating newbies
just to go around to all of them after a reboot.

> > > 69:Quifael-Custom-Rooms
> > > *Keep objects and mobs from loading here ('cept Death ;) and move Isha
> > >  to the Dark Forest (eventually she'll be in a high lev Eastern Forest).
> > >  Rework some of Isha's items.
> > 
> > Yeah, I moved Isha to zone 61.
> Where in zone 61?  She just seems so out of place anywhere but in the 
> drow city or some new drow populated area.

Right next to the Spider Queen....  Felt this was more an appropriate location.
as far as putting her in drow.... well, she seemed more the outdorsy 
adventuring type.


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