Re: World files (fwd)
Date: 02/14/94

> Let you in on something, Alander got fed up with ROM2 and made the damn
> thing publically domain via ftp   BOOM every area they
> have is now public access!  Might be worth taking a look.  Only problem
> is, Alander tarred up the entire player directory with everything else
> so you need a bunch of time and drivespace to unpack it all, once you do 
> that though, just rm -rf the players directory since you wont need it 
> hogging up disk space.

Well, I tried doing just that, and it took about an hour on a Sun Sparc 10.
The tar file is 24 megs, but since it's filled with lots of annoying little
text files, it expands into about 50 megs.  (Good God, this totally seals
the fate of all future versions of Circle w.r.t. the possibility of saving
player data as ASCII files...)

Anyway, as a Public Service, I deleted all the player files and retarred
ROM -- only the source code, areas, and documentation.  It is available
from anonymous FTP at in the directory pub/ROM.  It's called
rom2-small.tar.gz.  I'll keep it there for about a week before I delete it.  

FTP it all you want for the next week, but after that, it's gone forever.. :)


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