Date: 02/11/94

>>>The only wrinkle is that, starting in Circle 3, "complex" mobiles will
>>>no longer be supported.  Why?  Because it takes a lot of ugly code and
>>>I've never, ever, ever seen anyone use a complex mobile anyway. :)

> im a little out of it...but whats a complex mob?

QED.  :)

Seriously, a complex mob is a mob for which you can manually specify
str, int, wis, dex, con, thac0, etc.  The Diku people themselves, in
one of the doc files, said something like "we created simple mobs later
because complex mobs just aren't worth the effort."  Apparently they
were right; I've never seen a complex mob used in a mob file before.
Thus, they will no longer be supported under Circle 3.0.


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