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From: Derkhil CatSpawn (
Date: 02/11/94

| > The magical items in New Sparta, are a bit heavy for the relative low
| > characters that use it. So New Sparte has to be lowered a bit I
| > think.
| I think new sparta should be nuked, as it doenst really fit in...

Here here!  That's been one of my heart's desires for a while!  I've got a
river and ocean addition to tack onto that side of midgaard at the river
'exit' anyways, so it'd have to go to make room for that anyhow..

| A couple other things ....
|   o  make the indentation of the descriptions for all the rooms consistant.

I've got a program to handle that, as well as making captilization of objs
and mobs consistant ('the' and 'a' and 'an' will be more consistant/correct

|   o  give the guards in King Welmar's area better names.  Not Tim and 
|      Tom, but maybe Fendor and Gwydon.

Good idea - if you (and any other interested in such) could send me a coupla-
dozen names I'll use them where appropriate around the mud in place of more
mundane" names :)

|   o  there are a few misplaced ~ characters in the Redferne area (on the 
|      chain I think) they end up showing in the room description or exits 
|      description.

The formatting program will catch that too - that is caused not by misplaced
tildes but by misplaced spaces - a space following a tilde is *bad*, and the
tilde will show in the game in such cases... those spaces will be hunted out
and systematically removed...

| Thats all I can think of off the top of my head, but I know there are a 
| slew of other typos too.

It's tempting to ask for ppl to mail me the typo files from their Circle-deriv


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