Re: World files
Date: 02/11/94

> |   o  give the guards in King Welmar's area better names.  Not Tim and 
> |      Tom, but maybe Fendor and Gwydon.
> Good idea - if you (and any other interested in such) could send me a coupla-
> dozen names I'll use them where appropriate around the mud in place of more
> mundane" names :)

I think I remember hearing that the Castle charcters were originally named
with "boring" names because they were named after their creators.  But,
you'll certainly get no complaints from me if you change it..

I'm happy to see suggestions being thrown around -- one of the things that
has bothered me for a while is that no one was maintaining the world files.
Unfortunately for me, how "good" a MUD is is based not just on its code but
also how well balanced and playable it is, as well of other things (of
course).  I say "unfortunately for me" because I'm a programmer, not a
gamer, so I can make a good code base but not a "playable" set of world

Well, anyway, that's my random Thought Of The Day.


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