Re: ugh
Date: 02/11/94

> >Hey!  Well, if you would like a site to run the MUD on, I 
> >can help ya out.  I will run it on my BBS, and on a MUD
> >port, as long as it will run on an Amiga (I am assuming
> >that it will?) TTYL!

> this message was sent to me...what do you have to do to get it to run on
> an amiga?

Buy a Sun and put it on top of an Amiga.

Heh, heh.  Seriously, there is an Amiga port of Circle by J.J.M. Riethoven
(I hope I got the spelling right :-)) which is available at the Circle FTP
site (  I've heard that there are actually quite a few BBS
systems using CircleMUD now, but I've never actually seen one.


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