Re: problem

From: Eric Pilcher (rasta@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: 02/12/94

>> I've a problem with some mobs resetting at the wrong places. For example, 
>> the dwarven guards reset well at their place when the game is rebooted, 
>> but after, when they are killed and when the zone resets, they all load 
>> at door to kingdom, instead of loading at door to kingdom, dark path 
>> (near mines) and entrance to mountain...
>> I would like to change that so that they reload at the right places.
>> Did anybody encounter this problem too ?
> This is an old DIKU problem.  The dwarven guards are the same 
> virtual number.  Thus when the zone is checked to reset, it reloads them 
> in the first location listed in the zone file.  When the zone reset gets 
> to the last rooms requiring guards, they have already "maxed out" so it 
> doesnt load them.

There are several ways to fix this, I'll list all that come to mind as they
all come in handy in different situations.

1)  The easiest of course is to makes multiple copies of the same mob in
the .mob file and have the .zon file load a different copy into each room.

On a much larger scale, this technique has a few drawbacks, especially where
lots of different mobs and lots of differnt spec procs are used.

2)  Order in the .zon file is important.  Make a prediction of which mobs
will be killed more often and have these load first.

3)  Stagger the rooms that you load them in:  (i.e.)

M 0 XX01 6 XX01		instead of	M 0 XX01 6 XX01
M 0 XX01 6 XX02				M 0 XX01 6 XX01
M 0 XX01 6 XX03				M 0 XX01 6 XX02
M 0 XX01 6 XX01				M 0 XX01 6 XX02
M 0 XX01 6 XX02				M 0 XX01 6 XX03
M 0 XX01 6 XX03				M 0 XX01 6 XX03

4)  Play with <if> values and objects that have a low <max_exist> value.
Keep in mind that an <if> of 0 tells the .zon file "DO IT, Damnit!" and
an <if> value of 1 tells it only to do it if you've done the one before.
(Anyone know what other values for <if> do?)   Thus you might have something

M 0 XX01 6 XX01		Load Mob 1 in Room 1
G 1 XX01 1		Give Object 1 to Mob 1
M 1 XX01 6 XX01		Load Mob 1 in Room 1 ONLY IF Mob 1 has Obj 1

5)  Tell the players that it's a feature.

Hope these help.


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