Ok, my fault....

From: Circle Mud Mailing List (circle@dopey.fpa.com)
Date: 02/22/94

In an attempt to make my work easier, I gave ownership of the .forward file
(the file which redirects all the mail so that you each get a copy).  
The problem was that this meant the list was no longer being recognized
by the mailer program, which only forwards mail from a .forward file 
belonging to that account.  I've fixed it, so it should be ok.
The mail that follows this one is LONG.  It is 388 lines, and about 15k
in size.  It consists of 13 messages that were received by the list while
it was not transmitting.  I will go into it and edit it down a bit, and
I do apologize for the inconvience.
CircleMUD List Operator

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