Ok, next file will catch you up...

From: Circle Mud Mailing List (circle@dopey.fpa.com)
Date: 02/22/94

BTW, in that last msgs, it should read that I gave ownership of the
.forward file to my normal account.  This worked out less than
spectacularly. :)

The file is now down to about 215 lines and 8k (7k of that file was
mail headers such as Received: X-Sender-to, etc....I cut everything
but the Date: From: Subject: and To: lines.)  Remember if you want to
reply to something in it to edit it down if you include text....we 
dont want THAT baby choking up the net more than once. :)

Again, sorry for the inconvience.  I'll try and make sure it doesn't
happen again.

CircleMUD List Opeator

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