From: Brett C Helgeson (
Date: 02/20/94

	Just some things that someone might find usefull...:
** When making areas, make monster "chutes" Its a room with one way exits in all directions.
   The idea is that monsters leave in random directions..

** By having monsters at different positions when loaded, an aggressive mob
   won't attack if its sitting down. If its default is standing, it will 
   wander around looking for things to kill...

** Careful placement of no_mob bits in areas can make good effects by 
   seperating mobs from one another. Works good if you want to have a
   psuedo underwater area, and keep the aquatic mobs in the water, without
   giving them a new zone. It works the other way around too...

** By giving important mobs a spec_procedure, even if it is just blabbing, 
   makes them seem more alive: For example in the lair of the Goblin King,
   the king rants and raves while calling for his guards, food, telling the
   pc's hes gonna rip their heads off etc. Its a simple thing to do as well

** By creating a 'Buffer' zone between a high level zone and a lower level

   zone, you save potential problems by saving hapless newbies from certain
   death, it also gives a better 'feel', since there is a something else 
   instead of Mnts, then a forest, for example.. It can be as big or as small
   as you want it to be, even devoid of mobs, but maybe there is a spring or
   an old fountain with magical properties, or whatever you want...

** Just some things I had written down. I don't clain creationship over any
   , they are just somethings that help liven things up for the Pc's

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