CircleMUD 3.0 Update
Date: 02/22/94

Hi all --

Well, I know, another missed deadline (the much-touted Feb. 15) but I
really am working hard on it, and I've made an enormous amount of progress
over the 3-day weekend.

Unfortunately, my time has been somewhat limited by some other big projects
which are going on around me at the same time, which require a lot of
attention (in particular, because they involve large amounts of money ;-)).

Anyway, I should have a 3.0 beta out by the end of the week.  I acutally
got it to compile and run on Sunday, and there are very few bugs I've
seen so far.  (Whether that's good or bad is left as an exercise to the

I thank all of you for your extreme patience; I didn't mean to be so late
on this, but I'd rather be late than have bugs and a half-baked product.

In the mean time, let the hype increase.. tell all your friends about it. ;-)


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