Re: Snake special proc

From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 02/22/94

| 	Just wondering, does the snake spec_proc work in 
| Circle 2.2? I have set it up with a mob and everything(Doh! =) but in 
| over 30 rounds of combat with other mobs and test pc's I have yet to 
| get a poison bite. Any ideas? Thanks, save my sanity while I code 
| instead of doing a paper =)
| Brett@Legends...

Hmm.. never had any prob with this proc on the last (non-Circle) code
I worked with... could it just be a fluke?  Maybe you could temporarily
increase the probability of the snake biting and try it then to double 
check, or even set it so the snake (or make a super_snake_proc ;) that
should bite EVERY round, or every other or something.

As long as we're on broken spec procs (in case anyone has fixed this
and wants to post it :), anyone know whats wrong with the Thief steal
spec_proc - mobs with this proc will not wander - they stay in one
place... of course, the proc *could* be moded to just make the buggers
move, but that wouldn't explain why it didn't work to start with (which
it looks like it oughta ;)


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