Re: Snake special proc

From: Jeff (
Date: 02/23/94

> 	Just wondering, does the snake spec_proc work in 
> Circle 2.2? I have set it up with a mob and everything(Doh! =) but in 
> over 30 rounds of combat with other mobs and test pc's I have yet to 
> get a poison bite. Any ideas? Thanks, save my sanity while I code 
> instead of doing a paper =)

At DisasterMUD, we changed the number() conditional to number(0, 3) == 0,
to give snakes more of a chance to bite you.  (That is, afterall, the
mode that most rl snakes use to attack)  Your code determines the
probability that you'll get poisoned by your level, with a 15th level
(average) character being bitten on a 1 in 25+ chance. (And you get to
save on top of that) I don't think snakes will even try to bite other
NPCs... but you might want to check on that.

Anybody have a good idea as to how poison can be made more effective?
Standard Diku poison is really wimpy... especially for a game based on
D&D (where most strong poisons kill you outright if you miss your save).

Someone else posted a question about why thieving mobs never move. There
is a bug in that code, in that TRUE should only be returned if the
npc_steal function is called.  Otherwise FALSE should be returned. Since
the spec_proc always returns true, thieving mobs won't move, be aggressive
or use any of the other flags you may have set.


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