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From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 02/23/94

Jeff "Teker" Fink explains:
[lotsa snake spec_proc stuff dlt'd]

| Anybody have a good idea as to how poison can be made more effective?
| Standard Diku poison is really wimpy... especially for a game based on
| D&D (where most strong poisons kill you outright if you miss your save).

A strength reduction (that can be cumulative (sp),, that low
lev cold-based spell is [can't remember the friggen' name...]) perhaps 
related or affected by the characters con would be pretty good IMO - it'd
also make constitution a more 'used' stat, rather than simply something
I've gotta boost temporarily right as I level.  Reducing movement points
in a similar manner also seems "appropriate".  I don't think that these
affects should be tacked onto poison in general (ie, the spell...though
*maybe* ;) without first looking at how PCs might ab/use it on not-so-
clever Mobs.  Of course, currently poison doesn't work as advertised
versus Mobs (Well, at least not in standard code...) as they can regen as
normal while poisoned, which the spell descript (and experience as a
poisoned PC) would have you believe.  [As a side note, one of the funniest
messages I've gotten from a Diku was a poisoned Impl. lev char - 
*grin* Something along those lines at least ;)

| Someone else posted a question about why thieving mobs never move. There
| is a bug in that code, in that TRUE should only be returned if the
| npc_steal function is called.  Otherwise FALSE should be returned. Since
| the spec_proc always returns true, thieving mobs won't move, be aggressive
| or use any of the other flags you may have set.

Blessed be!  Of course, I'm not running a Mud (simply running amok, and/or
running of at the mouth like right now) to get to see the joy of LIFE-LIKE
MOVING THIEVES - but I'm glad someone fixed this (did you fix this also,
Jeremy?  Could ya if ya didn't already?  Heck, even I might be able to
patch that... I'd like to mod some of the spec_procs a little (JUST a little
as I am C-tupid at this time) to give things a different feel).  LOTS of
things will have the correct (correct IMO at least - send ideas if you've 
got them to me if you'd like :) spec_proc, unfortunately simply limited
to the current pool of specs though.  If you've got a moded/new spec_proc
that you think I might like, please lemme know - new is *good*, and all
contributions will be attributed (of course...).

| -Jeff

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