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From: VampLestat (
Date: 02/23/94

On Wed, 23 Feb 1994, Danhiel Baker wrote:

> Jeff "Teker" Fink explains:
> | Anybody have a good idea as to how poison can be made more effective?
> | Standard Diku poison is really wimpy... especially for a game based on
> | D&D (where most strong poisons kill you outright if you miss your save).

Well, you could make it tougher by allowing strong poisons to kill you 
outright... :)  Simply check the level of the mob doing the poison and if 
its above a certain level, allocate a chance to kill the player.  

> A strength reduction (that can be cumulative (sp),, that low
> lev cold-based spell is [can't remember the friggen' name...])

Chill Touch.  You might also bump up the damage poison does per tick, or 
make the initial damage a percentage of max hp rather than a certain 
number of points.

> got them to me if you'd like :) spec_proc, unfortunately simply limited
> to the current pool of specs though.  If you've got a moded/new spec_proc
> that you think I might like, please lemme know - new is *good*, and all
> contributions will be attributed (of course...).

Yea, maybe we could start pooling together the procs people write and 
have a good archive of things to look at .... though mud coders seem to 
generally be very protective of what they write.

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