Re: Snake special proc

From: Jeff (
Date: 02/23/94

[ poison stuff deleted ]

dbaker wrote:
> *grin* Something along those lines at least ;)

Heh... there's also "SUFFER GOD CHAR"... that's all in the messages file...
What we're currently for poison is chopping mana and move regen in half,
and dropping hit points by 1 every tick. It's not really too bad since
you don't lose experience if you die from poison.

> Blessed be!  Of course, I'm not running a Mud (simply running amok, and/or
> running of at the mouth like right now) to get to see the joy of LIFE-LIKE
> MOVING THIEVES - but I'm glad someone fixed this

We didn't actually fix it... we ripped it out... ;) We wanted mobs to steal
objects from sleeping people before going for coins. ;)


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