Re: Jottings (fwd)

From: Eric Pilcher (rasta@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: 02/23/94

> > 
> > > Yeah, this is something that occured to me a while back as well: having
> > > 'monster lairs', rooms that PCs cannot access that have multiple exits
> > > to various places in the world - occasionally through multiple other
> > > rooms (a virtual maze, even!) 
> > 
> > A couple authors on my mud have done this for thier areas, and its rather 
> > effective, except that you should probably make these rooms private, and 
> > then code it so that private rooms dont show up when you do a 
> > 'where <mob>'  Found out when someone did a 'where cow' and it told them 
> > the Cow was in a 'Mob Distribution Room'  :)
> > 

This was the big "breakthrough"  that RedCap was going around spouting
about before he lost net acess.   The "mob distribution tree" that he came
up with was entirely generated by a program, however, and the whole thing
went a step further and loaded piles upon piles of loose objects in these
subrooms.  As the mobs trickled down the tree, there'd be a chance they'd
keep walking and a chance they'd pick stuff up do to their scavenger
flags.  So, when the mobs finally reached a spot where the players could
attack them, not only would they be in random rooms, but also havew random
equipment.   Nice.

As far as dealing with 'where cow' showing "Mob Distribution Room'.  Well,
you could make the tree a seperate zone provided the mobs don't have stay
zone flags.  BUT, better yet, use more descriptive names than just
"Mob Distribution Room"...   you might instead have the names in the 
distribution tree all be called "A Grassy Field".

<> where cow
Cow		- A Grassy Field

Who cares if the player can't walk to it, or hunt to it, in fact that would
probably make it all the more humorous watching the player scramble around
trying to find the thing.

> There is a problem here that is called 'teleport with error'. In our MUD
> players occaisionally enter rooms that are loaded but not connected. So
> players might also get teleported to these Mob Dist Rooms and Mazes. How
> is this problem solved?

Ack!  This is a big problem.  I've even seen players randomly teleport
themselves into the Chat Room of all places!

Another problem, one of our coders wrote a spec proc in which a mob teleports
itself around at random.  Well, everytime the mob teleports itself into a
DEATH room, it dies just as a player would.  Since this mob spends a total
of maybe 30 seconds in each room before teleporting again (unless fighting)
it tends to lead a relatively short life.  I assume this problem is either
in the teleport code or the death trap code and requires a check as to
weather the character is NPC or not, but have not yet been able to locate it.


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