Re: Jottings (fwd)

From: Carl Tashian (TASHIACM@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu)
Date: 02/23/94

>Another problem, one of our coders wrote a spec proc in which a mob telepo
>itself around at random.  Well, everytime the mob teleports itself into a
>DEATH room, it dies just as a player would.  Since this mob spends a total
>of maybe 30 seconds in each room before teleporting again (unless fighting
>it tends to lead a relatively short life.  I assume this problem is either
>in the teleport code or the death trap code and requires a check as to
>weather the character is NPC or not, but have not yet been able to locate 

in act.movement.c, around line 130, change:

   if (IS_SET(world[ch->in_room].room_flags, DEATH) && 
       GET_LEVEL(ch) < LEVEL_IMMORT) {


   if (IS_SET(world[ch->in_room].room_flags, DEATH) && 
       GET_LEVEL(ch) < LEVEL_IMMORT && !IS_NPC(ch)) {

that should do it..


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