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Date: 02/23/94

On Wed, 23 Feb 1994, Eric Pilcher wrote:

> about before he lost net acess.   The "mob distribution tree" that he came
> up with was entirely generated by a program, however, and the whole thing
> went a step further and loaded piles upon piles of loose objects in these
> subrooms.  As the mobs trickled down the tree, there'd be a chance they'd
> keep walking and a chance they'd pick stuff up do to their scavenger
> flags.

Wow... thats a great idea... gonna have to use that one to distribute 
mobs in Midaard... :)

> As far as dealing with 'where cow' showing "Mob Distribution Room'.  Well,
> you could make the tree a seperate zone provided the mobs don't have stay
> zone flags.

Which is the whole catch of using that method.  I wanna randomly 
distribute fidos in Midgaard, but I'd prefer they stay in the city, 
rather than head off into the hinterlands...

> BUT, better yet, use more descriptive names than just
> "Mob Distribution Room"...   you might instead have the names in the 
> distribution tree all be called "A Grassy Field".
> Who cares if the player can't walk to it, or hunt to it,

Yea, but it still seems poor form to make a room a player can see but 
never get to, or shouldnt ever get to.

> Ack!  This is a big problem.  I've even seen players randomly teleport
> themselves into the Chat Room of all places!

One room is easily solved, but blocking off a whole zone that you later 
plan to incorporate into the mud at a later date... may the track code 
would work, but might be a bit CPU intensive...

> Another problem, one of our coders wrote a spec proc in which a mob teleports
> itself around at random.  Well, everytime the mob teleports itself into a
> DEATH room, it dies just as a player would.  Since this mob spends a total
> of maybe 30 seconds in each room before teleporting again (unless fighting)
> it tends to lead a relatively short life.  I assume this problem is either
> in the teleport code or the death trap code and requires a check as to
> weather the character is NPC or not, but have not yet been able to locate it.

Just add a check in the teleport code to see if the flag for DEATH is set 
in the room you plan to teleport to.  A rather simple fix.

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