the 'where' command

From: Mathue Moyer (mmoyer@sdcc10.UCSD.EDU)
Date: 02/23/94

I suppose the where command could make mob dist. rooms a bit
unwieldy.  To be honest, though... what's the point of the where
command, anyway?  It has always seemed, well, pretty silly to me.
People ought to be able to find things for themselves, no?
Oh... and as for the comment about the fidos wandering into the
hinterlands, that isn't a problem.  You simply create the 'tree' in
a different zone and have all exits from the tree lead to (in this
case) rooms in midgaard.  You could have a different tree for each
zone, and have all the trees in the same zone.  That's how I did it
(although on a smaller scale) when I was a builder.
-Mathue Moyer

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