Re: the 'where' command

From: VampLestat (
Date: 02/24/94

On Wed, 23 Feb 1994, Mathue Moyer wrote:

> I suppose the where command could make mob dist. rooms a bit
> unwieldy.  To be honest, though... what's the point of the where
> command, anyway?  It has always seemed, well, pretty silly to me.

True, its rather unrealistic, like the tell command and many other 
things.  But I've grown used to them, much like other things in DIKU and 
perfer them that way.  

> You simply create the 'tree' in
> a different zone and have all exits from the tree lead to (in this
> case) rooms in midgaard.  You could have a different tree for each
> zone, and have all the trees in the same zone.  That's how I did it
> (although on a smaller scale) when I was a builder.

Actually I dont think that would work.  Have you ever actually placed 
stay_zone mobs in distribution rooms located in other zones?  It doesnt 
work because since the distribution zones are in one zone, and the places 
the exits lead to are in another zone, all of the stay_zone mobs will 
never leave the distribution rooms.

You have to place the distribution rooms in the actual zone you want the 
stay_zone mobs to wander within.  If you remove the stay_zone flag from 
the mobs and put the distribution rooms in another zone, it will work, 
but then the mobs will freely wander into other zones as well.

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