Re: the 'where' command

From: Jeff (
Date: 02/24/94

> > You simply create the 'tree' in
> > a different zone and have all exits from the tree lead to (in this
> > case) rooms in midgaard.  You could have a different tree for each
> > zone, and have all the trees in the same zone.  That's how I did it
> > (although on a smaller scale) when I was a builder.
> Actually I dont think that would work.  Have you ever actually placed 
> stay_zone mobs in distribution rooms located in other zones?  It doesnt 
> work because since the distribution zones are in one zone, and the places 
> the exits lead to are in another zone, all of the stay_zone mobs will 
> never leave the distribution rooms.

This whole talk about mob distribution zones makes me wonder whether or
not it would just be better to design a C function to do the job, rather
than a maze.


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