Re: Jottings
Date: 02/23/94

> > Yeah, this is something that occured to me a while back as well: having
> > 'monster lairs', rooms that PCs cannot access that have multiple exits
> > to various places in the world - occasionally through multiple other
> > rooms (a virtual maze, even!) 
> A couple authors on my mud have done this for thier areas, and its rather 
> effective, except that you should probably make these rooms private, and 
> then code it so that private rooms dont show up when you do a 
> 'where <mob>'  Found out when someone did a 'where cow' and it told them 
> the Cow was in a 'Mob Distribution Room'  :)
There is a problem here that is called 'teleport with error'. In our MUD
players occaisionally enter rooms that are loaded but not connected. So
players might also get teleported to these Mob Dist Rooms and Mazes. How
is this problem solved?
Guido M. Witmond
Student Computer and Information Science The Hague The Netherlands

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