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Date: 02/22/94

On Tue, 22 Feb 1994, Danhiel Baker wrote:

> Yeah, this is something that occured to me a while back as well: having
> 'monster lairs', rooms that PCs cannot access that have multiple exits
> to various places in the world - occasionally through multiple other
> rooms (a virtual maze, even!) to control the rough probability of the
> MOB making it through to a specific room.  I had planned on using this
> for Isha at one point, so she'd "issue forth" at a random location in
> the forest or in the drow area (visiting family, I geuss ;)

A couple authors on my mud have done this for thier areas, and its rather 
effective, except that you should probably make these rooms private, and 
then code it so that private rooms dont show up when you do a 
'where <mob>'  Found out when someone did a 'where cow' and it told them 
the Cow was in a 'Mob Distribution Room'  :)

> Huh.. I'm a bit baffled by this one; 'won't attack if its sitting down'?
> Either I've forgotten something or you meant 'won't WANDER'...correct
> me if I'm wrong...

Actually I thought you couldnt attack when in a sitting position.  I used 
to charm aggressive mobs and force them to sleep so they wouldnt attack, 
and then wake them, force em to stand, and move one room and make them 
sleep again.  Do this fast enough and you can move and agressive mob from 
one place to another without him attacking anyone.  I assume this worked for 
sitting mobs as well.

> As I have posted before, I've never worked with the MERC code MOBprogs
> but such triggers and such really seemed like a nice addition to areas
> without requiring detailed C knowledge.

MobProgs looks like a great way to make special procedure stuff easier 
for builders to do and thus "personalize" mobs quite a bit more...

BTW, any news on Circle v3.0?  A test version up perhaps that we can 
playtest and debug.  I recall the last estimate was that it was to be 
done by Feb 15, but I assume jelson is hard at work...... :)

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