Re: Multiclasses in v3.0
Date: 02/24/94

> After reading the README for v3.0 and then receiving the latest
> question about multi-classes I'd like to know if it will be
> any easier to add classes ? There was a mention made about a
> new skill/spell system that will make that easier ... will the
> same hold true for classes ?

Yes, definitely!  In fact, I came up with the idea of creating a new
'class.c' file which contains most of the class-specific code which must
be changed when you're adding new classes (such as code from 'who', from
the 'select a class' part of the interpreter, etc.).  That way, if you want
to add a class, you just go right to class.c and make your modifications
there instead of having to jump all around the code looking for any mention
of 'class'.


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